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crystal nucleated new material

crystal nucleated new material

Crystal nucleus new material is a kind of composite material made up of various crystalline materials. It’s unique in China and has filled up the blank of the world. Its major components are: carbon, silicon, aluminium, zirconium, etc. The properties of crystal nucleus new material have passed the test of National Standard by the National Quality Center, and has awarded the prize of “recommendable products” in the third session of the national technology and management conference. Crystal nucleus new material can be stuck to the inner part of the steel casing to form the wearable product or stuck directly onto the interior of the slag trough. Crystal nucleus new material can also be widely used in mine industry, iron & steel industry, power industry, chemical  industry, nonferrousmetal industry and so on. The  crystal nucleus new material characters are: high wear resistance , high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy installation.
Product  characteristics
ØWear resistance:
      the service life of crystal nucleus new material in the wearable position is 12~15 times higher than that of manganese steel, 18~25 times higher than that of cast steel, and cast iron.
ØThermal resistance:
when the crystal nucleus new material is taken out from the water of  500。C, and then is cooled in the cool water with room temperature, there is no any change. And when it is taken out from high temperature of 1100 。C, and then is cooled in nature air, there is no any change.
ØCorrrosion resistance:  
      crystal nucleus new material can well adapt to alkali and acid solution and is 15~25 times higher than that of stainless steel and latex.
ØHigh resistance of impact:
during  the using, when the lump coal or the slag drop onto the crystal nucleus board from nearly 10m high, and there is no breakage with the board.
ØConvenience fixing:
according to the clients’ demands, the crystal nucleus material can be made into various size, and can be fixed as whole body or small parts.


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main performance index
wear loss                                                              0.02g/cm2
resistance to extreme temperature shock     ≥500℃
impact toughness                                               ≥ 2.01KJ/cm2
flexural strength                                                   ≥ 62.30Mpa
Compressive  strength                                       ≥ 800Mpa               
Acid & alkali resistance extent:
Sulfuric acid P:1.84(g/cm3)                                 99.5℅
20℅sulfuric acid solution                                    98.1℅
10℅hydrochloric acid                                           99.94℅
10℅nitric acid                                                        99.90℅
20℅sodium hydroxide                                          98.5℅


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2. 6#750M3 blast furnace of Ji nan Iron & Steel Co,.Ltd

3. 1#、2#1080M3 blast furnaces of Lai wu Iron & Steel Co,.Ltd 

4. 2#2500M3 blast furnace of Tanggang  iron works 

5. 6#750M3 blast furnace of Jiu quan  iron works 

6. 3#450M3 blast furnace of Hebei Jinxi iron works 

From Septermber, 2005 to now, it has been working well

7. Xingtai Iron & Steel Co,.Ltd (420m3 blast furnace of iron works) 
From April, 2004 to now, it has been working well.

8. 4#450M3 blast furnaces of Xingtai Delong Iron & Steel Co,.Ltd, Longhai Iron & Steel Co,.Ltd  
In Delong Iron & Steel Co,.Ltd, from February, 2004 to now, it has been working well.
In Longhai Iron & Steel Co,.Ltd, from September, 2005 to now, it has been working well.

9. Chengde Iron & Steel Co,. Ltd. 

10. 1#2#3#450M3 blast furnaces of Tangshan Guofeng iron works

11.Hebei Jinniu Energy Resources Co., Ltd.Xingtai coal cleaning plant
Using environment and conditions
Øpipe conveying system of product 310 swirler gangue
ØSize of conveying materials 0-50
 Ørate of flow 18-25t/h Ø Material falling head: 3m                  

 12. Liaoning Lingyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.( flatform for drying coking coal)


13.  New users of slag trough of crystal nucleus in Iron & Steel industry in 2007 Shandong Rizhao Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
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lTianjin Dawufeng Reduction iron Co., Ltd.
lSichuan Xichang Iron Mill



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